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Having come to this page, we greatly appreciate you reading all of the information below, so that you are fully aware that any action on the site you are in implies that you effectively accept our Terms and Conditions.
We inform you that our company is Searchprof, Lda, headquartered in Faro, owner of several brands, in various sectors of activity. You are in contact with USB Spot. This document concerns the business model and commercial activity of USB Spot, a portuguese company that provides services, technological products, as well as a whole series of promotional items and gifts, office supplies, personalized objects and merchandising articles.


All the available products on our website and catalogs may be change without notice. All costs presented do not include VAT at the legal rate, so the same tax will be billed in addition to the purchase price agreed between both parties. All items ordered/purchased by the customer will be detailed in the budget.

Product prices are normally presented in Euros (€) and must be paid in the same currency unless otherwise agreed in by email.
In relation to the buying process, as any entity that provides a service, we prefer the payment of 100% of the invoice value. Flexibilizing, at least 60% of the total value of the invoice must be paid in the awarding act and the remaining 40% before the delivery of the order. All shipping costs to mainland Portugal are charged to USB Spot.

Any exception to the above conditions will be agreed between the client and our Commercial Department, with final and essential endorsement from the Financial Department and/or Administration.

Payment of the order value

Delays or failures to pay for orders placed may result in delays, either at the start of production or in the delivery of the orders. USB Spot will never be held liable for any delay in the overall delivery period resulting from delays in the settlement of the amounts agreed between the customer and our Commercial Department.
All legal fees, debt collection and all costs associated with the debt collection process will be charged to the client. Default interest will be applied at the legal rate as of the due date of the respective invoice.


All items sold by USB Spot will be provided according to the customer’s instructions. Any subsequent modifications, new requests or cancellations, all its inherent costs will inevitably be the responsibility of the customer. The customer will not be rewarded if he cancels or rejects the order unjustifiably, nor does he claim it by way of compensation for damages or interest.


If you notice that something is wrong with your order, you have 72 hours after the date of receipt of the order to make that same complaint. We do not accept complaints made after the deadline. USB Spot reserves the right to determine whether a product is defective or not, and the normal form of compensation will always be product replacement. It is important to note that, in response to a complaint, USB Spot will act in good faith and with efficiency, in order to solve its problem as quickly as possible, with the main purpose being total customer satisfaction.

USB Spot Website

Anyone can freely access our website,without any restriction, deprivation or registration, having full access to all pages and online chat.
The user who provides data to this website authorizes us to send you information that is useful and according to the theme of the website, by the means available for this purpose.


All indicated dates and deadlines stipulated by A USB Spot represent an estimate, a forecast of the total time of production and transportation. We will not be held liable for any delays or unforeseen delivery times when the origin of this failure is due to non-payment, customs delays, physical and/or human transportation problems, impediments in telecommunications; regulations and restrictions of any government or state entity, alteration of climatic conditions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism; accidents, fires, or any other natural disaster or circumstance occurring that goes beyond our control. Our company will never be held liable for delays in deliveries that can not be attributed to us..
There may be a variation of up to 3% of the final order quantity (in case we are handling USB Flash drives), either excess or defect, in relation to the requested quantity, and when this occurs, the difference will be assumed by the customer, where the invoiced amount will not be subject to any update.
All our products are subject to control, either in the factory or later in our offices, before the order is sent to you. Nevertheless, usually, except in specific cases, part of the order is analyzed and not all of it. In addition, it can not be surprising that in each order a portion of up to 1% of damage or defect of the total units of the order. This situation is due to the complex process of production and customization of materials in a massive and rapid way.
The customer therefore undertakes to accept the described situation regarding the quantity as well as the small margin of defect that can occur in any order.
USB Spot sees itself in the right to analyze when and how it should eventually replace some USB chip/flash drive that is not in full condition, belonging to the percentage of 1% described above, or not.

Product Features

The entire purchase process between the Customer and USB Spot must be in writing, so that we can, in the most efficient and rigorous manner, process, produce and deliver your order. USB Spot will never be held liable for any faults, failures and mistakes in any object or procedure during the purchase process by the customer, if he himself has requested it by telephone, or by any means other than in writing, usually by email. Nor can the assumption of the obvious be accepted as imputing further liability to USB Spot if the product is not in conformity with what would actually be intended.
All products, such as samples and models, descriptive material, images, descriptions, banners and photographs that exist in, catalogs and newsletters, as well as all the information with the same origin, present a virtual reality that approaches the possible of the actual design of the products.
The client is expected to have a good faith attitude towards any characteristic in the final product other than the graphic simulation or in any of the aforementioned articles, provided that it does not have any negative impact on the product acquired by the client, cause the identity/personality of the Logo, Brand or Company of the same.

Graphic Simulations / Samples

Since our business relationship is based on the online or by telephone, and therefore not the face-to-face method, all measures of approchement and trust between the parties are fundamental. As your Supplier, it is essential for us to know what you are getting and to be sure that what you approve at one time is the same as when you receive the product.
During the decision process about what you want to buy, we are committed to provide you with graphical simulations (digital artworks sent in PDF format), so that you can have a fairly approximate notion of what will be the final result of your custom USB model.
First of all, you can request a physical sample of a USB model without customization or customized with another job. This delivery service has only a cost of 2 euros (+ VAT) for mainland Portugal (a maximum of 2 samples per shipment).
If you want a fully customized physical sample similar to what you want to customize in the final order with your Logo, the cost of the sample is 30€ (+ VAT) or 35€ (+ VAT) if you want the same sample to come with a memory chip.
If your Logo is not in a position to continue with the preparation of the graphic template, but also with the production of the final order, it is necessary for our Design Department to vectorize your Logo. For orders of less than 50 units, there is an associated cost for this procedure of 5€ (+ VAT).

Acceptance / Approval of Graphic Artworks

The approval of a graphic simulation consists in confirming acceptance that all elements included in it are correct, whether at the level of the product itself and its material, color, spelling or positioning of the logo. Extreme attention must be paid to the artwork approval procedure, since the production of your order will be based on what is included in the graphic model approved by you. If you approve any document, whether it is a budget or a graphic mockup with some information that you do not agree with or did not request, or did and did not remember to ask for the appropriate change, USB Spot will not be held responsible for this occurrence, without any compensation effects, replacement of product or other type of compensation.

Intellectual Property Rights

When requesting a graphic mockup, you must provide us with a design or logo necessary for its execution, and we will commit to the moment we deliver your order:

  • The work of art or design is original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights (eg trade marks, designs and / or patents) or any other proprietary rights (eg, confidential information) of a third party;
  • The artwork is neither defamatory nor offensive to third parties.;
  • Your conduct in making products available in the design itself or in accordance with the design will not constitute unfair competition, misleading conduct or invasion of privacy;
  • You are authorized to provide the mockup, design and logo to USB Spot;
  • It is not aware of any legal proceedings or claims by third parties, claiming that the model, logo or design violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.

In order to be sure of the above points, if it is justified, USB Spot may eventually come into contact with the apparent owner of the Logo or Brand in question.
Customer agrees to indemnify USB Spot in actions that may be brought against us as a result of breach of warranty or compromise contained herein.


Any delivery in continental Portugal (and Spain) will be free of charge to the customer, except for some previously defined exception.
For other countries whether they are part of the European Union or not, the transport service is charged separately from the value of the order, and always stipulated in Budget.
If we are dealing with a service outside the European Union or some direct transport of an import or export process, the customer may be subject to import duties and taxes that are charged as soon as the order arrives at the destination, not being USB Spot responsible for any payment of fees. In this case, we strongly suggest contacting the Customs or Customs Services in your country.

Changes to “Terms and Conditions”

The Terms and Conditions on this website may be changed at any time without notice..

If you have any opinion, suggestion, question or constructive criticism to put, please feel free to do so. Our service can only improve continuously if we know the most effective recipe so that your satisfaction is total.

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