The entity responsible for processing your data is Searchprof, Lda., through the brand USB Spot, a company that trades technological and USB custom products, gifts and varied merchadising.
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Privacy Policy

General Framework

According to the activity of Searchprof, Lda. and its full operation, it is imperative that there is an ongoing process of handling and managing the data of various owners, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, partners, or other business stakeholders or associated services.

This Privacy Policy document has been updated within the framework of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated April 27, 2016, having effect in the Portuguese legal system, since May 25, 2018. The data collected by Searchprof, Lda. is processed in accordance with the applicable law and regulatory standards, henceforth and more specifically treated as General Regulation of Data Protection or GDPR.

USB Spot will act, as always, in accordance with European and Portuguese legislation, and based on a policy of obtaining data in a fair, licit and transparent manner.

Specific Framework

Collecting / processing information

Any type of contact created with USB Spot, wether it is made by phone, by email, by chat, by social network, by presence, by visit or search at the USB Spot website, which results in some quote request or award, or any kind of action or business contact at any place directly associated with the USB Spot website or established at a particular public event, is considered as a commercial relation. There is information that is not directly associated with the visitor / customer, which is solely and exclusively used for accounting purposes and internal statistics, having as one of the main purposes to improve the operation of our business.
In addition to the personalized information type, the automatic procedures for operating the page of the USB Spot website can analyze your IP address, your identification, your e-mail address, information regarding the type of connection and the type and version of the system browser and / or platform used. We can also use and / or register the data flow to know how our customers come to us, by date / time of sessions, the respective cookie identifier and also the products that you have viewed and / or heave researched.

Website navigation / visit

Your navigation on our website is totally anonymous and confidential. Searchprof, Lda. does not store any personal information regarding your computer hardware, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or IP address (1). All data collected in this scope, when subjected to treatment, are processed in an absolutely depersonalized manner and are therefore not used for internal purposes other than for the purposes of commercial statistics of our Commercial Department. We reinforce that Searchprof, Lda. collects and stores the information that the user provides, in this case, to the USB Spot brand, with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.
The information that the user decides to share with us is used for some purposes, such as: response to requests for quotation and information about products, order processing, improvement of the services offered and / or the way they present, improvement of the sales system and communication with the customer for commercial purposes.

(1) The IP address (or Internet Protocol) is a set of numerical values associated with a network connected computer that is used is identification, allowing to locate / identify different machines and thus to transmit / receive data.


“Cookies” are alphanumeric data files that allow for more effective interaction between your browser and the USB Spot server. This data is placed in a text file located on the machine you are using (if the settings allow it). They are not confidential information, but rather details such as your custom settings or data from previous sessions. You can delete cookies at any time. For more information on this topic, see our Cookies Policy.

Email Marketing

Searchprof, Lda. – holder of USB Spot – never gives your data to third parties. Your e-mail is used only when sending information about USB Spot. Occasionally, it may be subject to statistical treatment, which presupposes a global analysis without there being a particular focus on any specific data or contact.
If you do not wish to receive e-mail from USB Spot, you have several ways to do this, such as removing yourself from our mailing list using the “Remove” button that exists in all our newsletters, contacting us by the phone, or sending us an e-mail to the address specific to the topic,

Information Sharing

USB Spot does not provide or share any data provided by the customer or our customer base, other than solely for reasons essential to the performance of the agreed service or for the presentation of prices or products. The information provided by you is for internal use only. However, whenever necessary to comply with requests and orders, Searchprof, Lda. ill provide sufficient information to the factory and other partners to carry out these same requests, ensuring that this information will not be used for other purposes. You may request from our Commercial Department at the time of award of an order a Confidentiality Document, if it deems it to be of genuine relevance.
If at any time you receive e-mail or other advertising from a source that Searchprof, Lda. owns, but on behalf of another brand / company, it is likely to be a timely and exceptional service . As a general rule, we do not facilitate your data to another entity even though this partner of USB Spot. If you are our customer, but do not wish to receive such messages, we suggest that you contact us via the usual channels or directly to the email

USB Spot shares some data, in a general way, and according to the necessary procedure to which it refers, with the following type of entities:

Factories (partners duly selected and respecting total confidentiality through some data necessary to the production of some product)

Regulatory and Supervisory Entities (eg, Tax Authority)

Transportation companies

Bank Entities

Entities that cooperate with USB Spot in the course of their activity follow privacy obligations previously agreed with USB Spot and / or are already regulated by GDPR . This data is exclusively used for the purpose of providing the service agreed with the customer.

Personal Data Certificate

By contacting USB Spot, regardless of the way you do it, you will knowingly decide what data you want to share with Searchprof, Lda. However, there is minimal, necessary and mandatory information that is essential so that we can provide our customers and interested parties with a quality service and products. Once offered, Searchprof, Lda. will ensure compliance with the current regulations, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, regarding the protection of your privacy and your personal data.
Searchprof, Lda. ives you full access to the data we hold about you, so you can get to know them and whenever you want, update them. Just use the email directly to that effect, and ask for your Personal Data Certificate.


Our Policy may change without notice to you. Should this occur, this same document will be updated and made publicly available on the official brand page,
For legal purposes, you are deemed to be aware of the Privacy Policy in force by USB Spot.

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